A note on Haruki Murakami's Novelist as a Vocation

February 2023

Data ownership, Hilary Mantel, In Writing podcast and a social media job.
Tales of the Unconnected (Part 1)

January 2023

A visual (and short) account of the language of number 1 songs over seven decades
130 years ago Emile Durkheim wrote of how the nature of work had the capacity to cause a ‘greater fatigue of the nervous system’. He was developing the…
Flicking through my five volume collection of Walter Benjamin’s complete writings I stumbled upon a curious fragment on Mickey Mouse.
Making the case for not quite knowing what you are doing

December 2022

A crisis of the imagination, Orwell’s reviewing style and some reading matter
News of my new book and a discount code for subscribers to this newsletter

November 2022

Given the endless stories of growth upon growth, cutbacks don’t sit comfortably in social media’s narrative arc. The various reports of large scale job…
Writing digressions and fragments of culture (plus a music playlist)

September 2022

In what feels like a bit of a fallow writing period I gripped tightly to Irina Dumitrescu's brilliant reflections on productivity posted recently on her…